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Board libraries include generic ‘glue’ modules for Tollos interfaces. They also include:

  • a linker script suitable for use with Tollos (part of the Tollos package); this is usually the link script an application needs to specify: it contains essential configuration information (in particular the source and speed of the microcontroller input clock) and includes the appropriate link script for the microcontroller (which in turn includes the Tollos generic link script, tollos.ld)

  • code ‘glue’ modules (.c and possibly .h files) for the peripherals provided by the board, for example user-accessible LEDs or a debug link to a host.

Several board libraries are under development for Tollos; currently included in the download are:

  • mbed – code and link script for the mbed board

  • primer2 – code and link script for the Primer2 board

Both of these provide glue modules for the Tollos led and debug functions (the latter use the USB link on the mbed and the USB Virtual COM port on the Primer2).

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