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The Tollos supervisor has limited support for peripheral devices at present, but does include a number of features that simplify application development:

  • Tollos is written in C. All the source code is included; the Tollos source code is royalty free and licensed for any use (see the download page).

  • Interfaces are provided for
    • on-board LEDs
    • digital (general purpose) I/O pins, including per-pin interrupt handling
    • I2C bus devices
    • screen drawing amd the DOGXL LCD
    • interrupt vectors
    • UART serial communications
    • watchdog reset time
    • accelerometers and gyroscopes
    • application initialization and tick timing.

  • A debug module provides communication with a serial terminal (or a terminal emulator running on a host computer); strings can be written to the terminal using debugf (a subset of printf), and characters can be read from the terminal.

  • Tollos is quite small; the binary file for a ‘hello world’ application using debugf uses fewer than 4,400 bytes.

  • The Tollos sysQuery function lets you determine critical resource usage:
    • recent and maximum tick execution times (giving processor usage)
    • stack space and maximum usage
    • whether the last reset was abnormal (watchdog or brownout).

  • The Tollos libraries and link scripts support the necessary GCC options so that only functions which are used are included in an application’s binary file.

  • A simple script is included for building Tollos libraries and the sample application using either drag-and-drop or command-line commands on Windows; it should be easily convertible to other scripting languages such as REXX or sh.

  • All Tollos source code compiles clean with the GCC -c99 and -pedantic options and also conforms to strict aliasing requirements.

DOGXL LCD (click to enlarge)

DOGXL LCD (click to enlarge)

The current Tollos download includes the Tollos core library, together with libraries for the mbed and Primer2 development boards, the LPC17xx and STM32F103VE microcontrollers (including the multi-device linker scripts for Tollos), an accelerometer, a gyroscope, and the DOGXL displays (pictured). A sample application is also included, along with the script for compiling and linking applications. Please see the readme.txt in the zip file and the getting started page for instructions.

Other libraries for higher-level access to GPS and other sensors, and for other boards and devices, are currently being written for Tollos.

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