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DOGXL LCD (click to enlarge)

DOGXL LCD (click to enlarge)

Peripheral libraries include ‘glue’ modules for Tollos interfaces, mapping the latter to a specific peripheral.

Manufacturer-supplied source code, if any, is always held in a subdirectory of a library named ‘public’. These ‘public’ files are not part of Tollos but are included in the download so that all the source code needed to support an application is available. It is believed their licensing terms indicate that the manufacturer-supplied code may be freely used and distributed, but you should check the terms yourself if you have a concern.

Several peripheral libraries are under development for Tollos, however only the following are included in the download at present:
ADXL345  Functions providing basic IO for using the Analog Devices 3-axis accelerometer device ADXL345, attached via I2C; this is the glue for the Tollos acc (accelerometer) functions.
DOGXL Functions for providing the basic IO for using the Electronic Assembly DOGXL liquid crystal displays, available from Mouser, etc. The glue code for the DOGXL assumes that a 160×104 pel screens is being used, but should be easily modifiable for other sizes (tollosDraw should work with any size). The glue code also assumes that the DOGXL is attached by 12MHz 3-wire 9-bit SPI, because this is the fastest attachment supported. The SPI 9-bit functions are currently only provided in the LPC17xx library.
ITG3200 Functions providing basic IO for using the InvenSense 3-axis gyroscope device ITG3200, attached via I2C; this is the glue for the Tollos gyro (gyroscope) functions.

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