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The Tollos source code is distributed free of charge under the the following licence.

   Copyright (c) Mike Cowlishaw, 2010-2012.  All rights reserved.

   Permission to use, copy, modify, and/or distribute this
   software for any purpose with or without fee is hereby granted,
   provided that the above copyright notice and this permission
   notice appear in all copies, and that notice and the date of
   any modifications be added to the software.

   This software is provided "as is".  No warranties, whether
   express, implied, or statutory, including, but not limited to,
   implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a
   particular purpose apply to this software.  The author shall
   not, in any circumstances, be liable for special, incidental,
   or consequential damages, for any reason whatsoever.

Included with Tollos is some source code (in directories named ‘public’) which is not Tollos source code and which may be covered by other licences. You should read those before re-distributing that code.


Tollos is distributed as a compressed .zip file. Here is the latest version:

  tollos-126.zip   (1,216,018 bytes, 19 February 2012)  

Please see the getting started page for instructions.
The conventions used in Tollos directories are described here.

Comments, corrections, suggestions, etc., are welcome!

Changes list

(Click on the version number for the corresponding .zip.)
2012.02.19 1.26 sysSet(SYS_WATCHDOG, value) was rejecting valid settings due to a change in 1.25
2012.02.09 1.25 Several improvements to timing, allowing SysTicks and tick() of less than 1 ms; also SysTick priority is now preserved when SysTick timing is changed (previously it was set to the lowest interrupt priority by the ARM library).
2012.01.12 1.24 Improved gyroscope and accelerometer handling:

gyroRate, accRange, and accRate now return chosen value (instead of 0) when successful

tollosAcc and tollosGyro now use a ring buffer rather than double-buffering to allow accurate integration of results and detection of overrrun.

2011.11.18 1.23 Added i2cGetByte and i2cPutByte functions; drawOval renamed to drawEllipse
2011.10.09 1.22 Cosmetic tweaks and commentary improvements
2011.01.27 1.21 Added miniDec decimal package to Tollos; more strf string formatter enhancements
2011.01.16 1.19 Added gyroscope functions and ITG3200 device support; improved strf string formatter
2011.01.08 1.18 Added drawing functions and DOGXL LCD screen support, including:

– graphics functions (lines, box, ellipse, simple polygon fill)

– formatted string and text support

– proportional and monospace fonts

– 3-wire 9-bit SPI support for LPC17xx

2010.12.20 1.17 Added vector priorities and USB/Virtual COM port support for STM32
2010.12.14 1.16 Added I2C support for STM32 and improved STM32 peripherals clocking
2010.12.12 1.15 Added support for some STM32 controllers and Primer2 board, including

– improvements to link scripts; configuration at board level

– new variable-speed startup code for all microcontrollers

– additional BIT_OPENDRAIN option for bit output

– sample and getting started page for Primer2.

2010.12.05 1.13 Corrected error in NXP I2C_SetClock function which caused I2C channel 2 clock to run twice as fast as specified (see FAQ).
2010.12.03 1.12 (Initial release.)

Tollos and these web pages were written by Mike Cowlishaw; Please send me any corrections, suggestions, etc.
All content © Mike Cowlishaw, 2010–2012, except where marked otherwise. All rights reserved. The pages here are for non-commercial use only (see the separate licence for Tollos source code). Privacy policy: the Speleotrove website records no personal information and sets no ‘cookies’. However, statistics, etc. might be recorded by the web hosting service.

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