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tollosDebug.c – debug functions for Tollos

The debug device uses a serial channel to communicate with a terminal device (usually a termulator emulator application on a PC).

Using any debug function automatically initializes the debug communication device. The default baud rate for the device is TOLLOS_DEBUG_BAUD, normally 115200 baud.
 debugBaud   set debug baud rate
 debugf   a mini printf to send a string
 debugGet   get character from host

debugBaud – set debug baud rate

void debugBaud(uint baud);

baud – baud rate to use for debug

It is recommend that a ‘standard’ baud rate be used, for example, 9600 or 115200. At 9600 baud about 38 characters can be sent in 40ms (one default tick) at 115200, 460 characters can be sent.

debugf – a mini printf to send a string

int debugf(const char *format, ...);

format – format and data string

... – other arguments as required

returns the number (count) of characters sent

See the tollosUtil strf function for a description of supported format strings (a subset of the C printf rules).

debugGet – get character from host

int debugGet(void);

returns a character read, or −1 if none pending

If a character was read the value returned will always be non-negative (hence all values >=0 might be possible).

Note that some keyboard keys may generate more than one character: an escape followed by some code, for example.

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