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The library for the mbed board from NXP comprises:

  • the mbed.ld link script, which defines the configuration of the microcontroller
  • the debug module, which binds Tollos debug function calls to UART0
  • the LED module, which provides the ‘glue’ for controlling the four on-board LEDs.

Functions that are not determined by the board but by the microcontroller that is on the board – for example, I2C and GPIO – are provided by the microcontroller library for the lpc1768 chip used on the board.

Debug module

These functions effect the I/O for the debug device (if any).
See mbedDebug for details.
  • debugGetcIO – get character from debug device/terminal
  • debugInitIO – initialize debug device (will be called before first Getc or Putc)
  • debugPutcIO – put character to debug device

LED module

This function carries out the I/O for on-board LEDs (if any).
See mbedLED for details.
  • ledIO – clear, set, invert, or query a system LED

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