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Except as mentioned below, PanGazer is a new application, written since April 2018 and sharing most of its modules with MapGazer ». It is written in C, and follows the object-like code conventions » I developed for the Tollos supervisor ».  As of September 2018, it comprises about 18,500 lines of my code.


Special thanks are due to:

  • Fulvio Senore, whose excellent 360 FSPViewer » prompted me to expand on his ideas and write PanGazer, and who has been extremely helpful in advising on colour management.

  • Bill Collis and Juan Corrin, for encouragement, many good suggestions, and testing; Juan’s Matienzo caves project » has dozens of panoramas suitable for viewing with PanGazer.

  • Kittredge Cowlishaw, for helping solve the bounding condition for minimum zoom for spherical projections.

  • Ismam Huda, for an elegant formula for an S-shaped curve that I have used for view contrast enhancements (and augmented so the control parameter is also [0..1]).

  • The Independent JPEG Group (Thomas G. Lane, Guido Vollbeding, et al) for jpeglib, used for JPG-encoded images.

  • Lode Vandevenne – for lodepng, which allows me to handle PNG-encoded images when Windows cannot.

  • Curtis Galloway, Lutz Mueller, et al, for libexif which I use for manipulating Exif data in images (e.g., to extract GPS coordinates and save image bearings).

  • Charles Petzold – it had been ten years since I wrote a Windows application, and his Programming Windows (5th edition) book proved as useful now as it did back then.

  • The developers of GCC – the compiler used to compile PanGazer.

  • All the people that put together the Win-builds and MingW resources that made it possible to build this application using GCC; extra thanks for the painless 64-bit support.

  • The Microsoft, IBM, and other teams who built the Windows and OS/2 APIs that underpin the application.

PanGazer and these web pages were written by Mike Cowlishaw; Please send me any corrections, suggestions, etc.
All content © Mike Cowlishaw, 2014–2018, except where marked otherwise. All rights reserved. The pages here, and the PanGazer program, are for non-commercial use only.
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