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Keyboard shortcuts let you carry out various actions by pressing a key on the keyboard; this is often faster then using the mouse and menus. This page is a list of the shortcut keys currently implemented in PanGazer.

Special keys

F1 Open PanGazer Help
Esc Toggle between window and fullscreen
Space bar Toggle between showing selected status and overlays and hiding all
Arrow keys Move the centre of view
Ctrl-O Change (open new) image/panorama
Ctrl-Q Exit (quit) PanGazer
Ctrl-S Save image as ...

Alphabetic keys

A Open the ‘set aspect ratio’ dialog
C Set view to image centre
E Open the ‘image enhancements’ dialog
G Open the ‘set image geography’ dialog
I Zoom in at view centre
O Zoom out at view centre
P Change (open new) image/panorama
Q Exit (quit) PanGazer
S Snapshot current view
V Open a new view window

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