Home Educating Our Autistic Spectrum Children
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  1. Introduction
    by Terri Dowty

  2. So, what’s the problem with school?

  3. Square pegs don’t fit round holes (Robert’s story)
    by Andrea Stephenson, Northern England

  4. Home truths (Stephen’s story)
    by Elizabeth Pite, Northeast England

  5. Is this normal? (Kevin’s story)
    by Jackie Stout, Carmel, Indiana, USA

  6. But will he ever speak to me? (Greg’s story)
    by Alan Phillips, West Midlands, England

  7. In the real world, it’s OK to be different (Alex’s story)
    by Grace Carpenter, South London, England

  8. An inspiration to us all (Matthew’s story)
    by Karen Marsh, Northwest England

  9. Once a homeschooler, always a homeschooler (John’s story)
    by Lise Pyles, Northern Territory, Australia

  10. Being himself (Tristan’s story)
    by Anne Bedish, Surrey, near London, England

  11. The difficult child (Alexandra’s story)
    by Rachel Cohen, Long Island, New York, USA

  12. Three springs for a summer (David’s story)
    by Margaret R. Paton, Northern Scotland

  13. Liberated by the label (Mark’s story)
    by Mark’s Mum, Coventry, England

  14. Living without the label
    by Jan Fortune-Wood, Birmingham, England

  15. I’ve decided to home educate—what do I do next?
    by Christine Waterman

  16. An outline of the law and practice of home-based education
    by Ian Dowty

  17. Finding support and information