This weather topic comprises weather-related web pages for ». Note that most of the pages in the topic are built automatically by Rexx programs and should not be edited manually (currently all pages that start with a number are in this category). See the MIDAS topic for details.

To-do: Wind ‘spectra’ for locations. e.g., for 10:00 slot, y axis=#hours, x axis=mph (1 bucket/mph? or per 5pmh?) .csv output to allow charting.

index – website entry page (manually edited)
Analysis steps – process description (manually edited)


Brize Norton – test generated page

Brize Norton all day – test generated page

Brize Norton any hour – test generated page

Belfast Aldegrove – test generated page

Pembrey – test generated page

Summary – summary page (generated)

Summary 2015 – summary page 2015 (generated & saved for sanity check)

*snap-header & *snap-footer pages.

post – draft forum post
Windy day – draft article

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