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An anonymous Wiki is converted to a user-login Wiki simply by adding a first user (using the Add User selection from the more... page – remember to make a note of the password). Once the first user is created then from then on access to the Wiki will require login. Any user local to (on the same machine as) the MemoWiki server can add new users.

Login requires browser cookies to be enabled » and persists for the browser session or (if ‘remember me’ is selected on login) will be saved on the user’s machine indefinitely.

User Names

User names must start with an alphabetic character. A user can change his or her user name at any time to a different name (as long as it is not already in use, of course).


When a user is first created a password is generated by MemoWiki and must be used for the initial login. Once logged-in you can change your password from the more... page.

User preferences

Some aspects of MemoWiki operation can be changed on a per-user basis; choose User preferences on the more... page.

User pages

Optionally, MemoWiki users can have a ‘User page’ which can be edited as required. User pages are held in a topic called Users; an initial user page for a user can be created automatically when the user is added (this will create the Users topic, too, if necessary).

Edit conflicts

If two users edit a page at the same time (or one users edit a page in two different windows) then when the second save of the page takes place MemoWiki will detect the conflict and warn the second user that he or she has overridden some change(s) (the first user could be long gone). The second user is automatically shown the History page, with an appropriate message.

The History page flags any overridden version (and these have to be deleted deliberately – they will not be automatically cleaned).

User privileges

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