Help for History

The history page lists the current and archived versions of a page, reference, or data item, and reports when it was created (if known).

MemoWiki keeps in its archive all versions saved in the past 24 hours and then the most recent version in each of the most recent three previous days in which the page or reference was edited (the number of days kept is a topic setting that can be changed).

On the History page you can click on any version to view it, or delete any of the archived versions. If users are defined then the user name of the user that edited each version, using MemoWiki, is also shown (and if user pages exist, clicking on the name will take you to the user’s page).

The history page is also used for resolving edit conflicts; versions which have been accidentally overwritten are flagged on the history page. These versions will not be deleted automatically.

Help for History was last edited on 2010-02-15  
Topic: MemoWiki