A feature of MemoWiki is its ability to publish a topic to a web server which is not running MemoWiki. This is done by creating a static snapshot of the topic, and then publishing that snapshot. Currently you can only publish a topic if you are are on the local (server) machine or you are an administrator.

To publish a topic, take the following steps:

  1. Set up the details of your web server using the Topic settings page. (You will only be able to do this if you are are on the local (server) machine or you are an administrator.)

  2. Use Create/publish static snapshot on the more... page to create a publishable static snapshot (after the first time, this just updates the static snapshot to ensure it’s current).

  3. The confirmation page will show the snapshot statistics, and (if you set up the publishing topic settings) will have a ‘Publish’ button.

  4. Click the publish button. This should publish the snapshot, which may take some time (depending on the web server). If any problem is reported, see the Help page for some suggestions.


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