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MotorFloater at Long Marston

MotorFloater at Long Marston

The Flylight flexwing model is based on the MotorFloater aircraft made by Flylight Airsports Ltd. and shown in the image to the right.

The MotorFloater is a Single-Seat Deregulated (SSDR) weightshift-controlled aircraft. It has a flexible wing based on a three-wheeled airframe (trike).


Motorfloating over the winterlands 

The aircraft comprises the trike produced by Flylight, together with:

Aeros Fox-T wing

Bailey 4V−200 4-stroke 200cc engine (22hp) with CVK Keihin carburettor

Helix H30F 1.30m L−M−08 2-bladed 8° pitch propellor

Bräuniger IQ Motor variometer and engine instrumentation

Apco Tandem Mayday (HG) whole-aircraft parachute

Specifications summary

(From brochure + Fox T wing details + BMAA forum comments + Dragonfly review, etc.)
Wing area, sq.m. (sq.ft.)  16.2 (174)  
Wing span, m (ft.)  9.6 (31.4)  
Aspect ratio  5.7  
Nose angle, °  120  
Wing weight, kg  24  
Number of upper sail battens  12 + 1  
Wing folded length, m (ft)  5.8/3.9 (18.7/12.5)  
Min. airspeed, km/h (mph)  32 (20)  
Cruise airspeed, km/h (mph)  48 (30) (“hands off”)
Max. airspeed, km/h (mph)  75 (47)  
Max. clip-in weight, kg  154 (⇒ MTOW 178)  
Engine 4V–200 weight, kg  19.5 (+ oil 0.5)  
Engine 4V–200 power, hp (kW)  22 @ 8200 rpm (16.4) static thrust = 75 kg
Reduction (prop max rpm)  3.2:1 (2560)  
Fuel capacity, litres (kg)  20 (15)  
Range km (miles)  480 (300) @ 2.5 litres/hour, no reserve
Best climb angle  9.5° (1 in 6)  
Trike weight, kg  35 (est.)  
Empty weight, kg  81  
Payload, kg  ~100 pilot + fuel

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