Palm Globe, version 1.10 13 Nov 1998
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System requirements

Palm Globe should run correctly on devices whose operating system is Palm OSTM version 2.0 or later. This includes:

50 KiloBytes (50K) of free memory is recommended (Palm Globe uses about 36K).

You will also need a desktop or other suitable computer to install the software.

Installing Palm Globe

Before installing this (or any other) software onto your Palm OS computer, it is recommended that you back up your current data by running HotSync.

The Palm Globe code is distributed as a compressed file which includes the software license (license.txt), the Palm Globe program (pglobe.prc), and this document (pglobe.pdf). To install the program:

  1. Download the file to your desktop machine (that is, the machine you HotSync with).
  2. Extract the files from the file using a tool such as WinZip or UnZip.
  3. On your desktop machine, start the Palm or Workpad Install tool.
  4. Click on the Browse button and select the pglobe.prc file which you just extracted.
  5. Click on the Install button and confirm if requested.
  6. Place your Palm or Workpad device in its cradle and press the HotSync button. The program will then be installed near the end of the HotSync process.

Note: If you unzipped the program using a command prompt window, then it may be convenient to start the installer with a command. For example, for a typical Workpad installation on Windows, the command might be:

  c:\workpad\instapp pglobe.prc
which will start the installer with the pglobe.prc file already selected.
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