Palm Globe, version 1.10 13 Nov 1998
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Palm Globe

Palm Globe is a program which displays the Earth as a globe on a PalmPilotTM, Palm IIITM, or IBM WorkpadTM. You can choose to view the globe from any direction, or select one of a number of 'standard' views.

In addition to simply displaying a picture of the world, Palm Globe will also let you light the globe as though by sunlight -- so you can see at a glance those areas of the globe where the sun has risen, and where it is night. Optionally, the direction of the sun can be shown for any viewpoint, so you can use Palm Globe as a sun compass.

Further options add shading to the globe for a three-dimensional effect, rotate the globe with the sun, and let you measure distances between two points on the globe. Other features are described in detail below.

This document includes:

The algorithms, data, and code for Palm Globe were first developed for PMGlobe, a programmable globe application for OS/2. The current releases of both Palm Globe and PMGlobe are available from:

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