Palm Globe, version 1.10 13 Nov 1998
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Using Palm Globe

Starting to use Palm Globe

When you first start Palm Globe, you will be shown the Time Zone dialog. Palm Globe needs to know your time zone so it can calculate the sun's position. In the dialog, enter your winter time zone offset in hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) and also check that the daylight savings adjustment is set correctly.

For example, New York is -5 hours, and Paris is +1 hour, both with a one hour adjustment in the summer.

Once you have set your time zone, tap the Done button; Palm Globe will then proceed to show you the globe with your time zone facing you, and lit as though by the sun. On the dark (night) side of the globe, land masses are indicated by lightly dotted areas; in sunlight they are solid bright areas.

Using the stylus with Palm Globe

You use the stylus with Palm Globe just as with other applications; in addition, Palm Globe allows direct navigation using the stylus:

Menu bar choices

The Palm Globe menu choices can be selected from the menu bar in the usual way, or they may all be selected by the Graffiti short cut shown next to the choice. They fall into three groups:

is used to select a fixed viewpoint from which the globe is seen, change movement settings, or to enter or select a custom viewpoint.

is used to choose the lighting effects (sunlight or not), shading, and twilight setting.

lets you change the title bar (for example, to show distance calculations), time zone, and other settings, and also offers tips (help) and the About choice.
These groups are described in the three following sections.
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