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Here are front and back views of the two boards. Click on any picture for a larger version. In these small versions the images of the backs have been left-to-right reversed so the patterns of the solder pads, vias, etc., are aligned with the components above.

Keyboard front Microcomputer front
Keyboard back Microcomputer back

When assembled, the 20-way ribbon cable seen leaving at the top right of the Keyboard is led between the two boards and connects to the Microcomputer board at top left.

Footnote: All the photographs on this site (as opposed to the scanned images) were taken with a Canon G1 digital camera. In order to achieve maximum resolution under poor lighting, close-ups using the macro mode were used – hence the barrel distortion; apologies for that! Many thanks for Fabio Arpino for post-processsing them to correct some of that.

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