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There are a few Sirocco videos on the web. Here are the ones I have found or have been told about (let me know if you know of any others!):


  • Promotional video »Sirocco ultralight aircraft, The Sirocco is manufactured in the Netherlands again. Fly for Fun!, February 2008 [2:48]; mostly historical photographs and video shots.  (Various aircraft.)

  • Video of prototype »Flying for fun with the Sirocco, Flying the new ‘Sirocco-NG’; Redesigned wings for better performance and handling, June 2009 [10:26]; 2009 footage of the Sirocco NG prototype (with new wing) flying, including shots of pilot from boom-mounted camera.  (Sirocco NG prototype PH-4B9, Rotax 447, Netherlands.)


jonny Ueland

  • Video 1 »A flight over the southwestern part of Norway, July 2008 [2:31].  (Sirocco LN-YNF, 1989 #89101, Rotax 447; Norway.)

  • Video 2 »Sirocco flight in Norway, Christmas 2008 [4:18].  (Sirocco LN-YNF, 1989 #89101, Rotax 447; Norway.)

See also jonny’s photograph collection ».

Dean Arnold/Dave Stephens

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