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These web pages collect together information on the Sirocco Microlight, a single-seat ultralight aircraft which has a pusher propeller, tricycle undercarriage, and 3-axis flight controls.

Originally produced in France and then Belgium, the Sirocco design was owned for some years by Aero Consult Light Aircraft » (ACLA) in the Netherlands, which re-launched the design as the Sirocco NG in partnership with The Light Aircraft Company » (TLAC) in the United Kingdom, who aimed to produce a sub-115 kg version for the UK SSDR » (Single-Seat DeRegulated) and the USA FAR 103 » categories. The prototype aircraft, G-ROCO, has now been modified and flown with twin turbine engines, and another Sirocco NG had its first flight in March 2012.

As of August 2014, the Sirocco design and rights are owned by ParaZoom » in Germany, who offer both kit and ready-to-fly versions »; Jens Hicken has stated (October 2016) that the aeroplane is in the “last steps for serie / certification”.

Here you will find:

  • A brief history of the aircraft, including some of the awards it has won.

  • A list of articles, a book, and other references to the aircraft (many of which you can download from this page).

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Many thanks to the following people who have provided, have helped locate, or have given permission to use some of the information compiled here:

Timm Bogenhagen (EAA), Norman Burr, Evert-Jan Cornet (ACLA), Paul Hendry-Smith (TLAC), Jens Hicken (ParaZoom), Bob Perrin (BMAA), Dave Smith, Mike Smith (Newark Air Museum), Dave Stephens (Sirocket), Donald Walker.

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