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Here are some Rexx programs that I have written. Please take note of the licence in each program; in particular, programs that contain code that I wrote when I was employed by IBM are licensed to me by IBM for non-commercial use only and this applies to any derivative code also. These programs are marked with † below.

All programs below are currently in use under Windows 7. Many have been used in the past under Linux but have not been tested recently in that environment. See the header comment in each program for instructions and more details.

Name Description
base64.rex Encode a string to Base64. †
deg2dec.rex Parse and check a degrees notation (e.g., N53:12:11) and convert to decimal.
exchange.rex Get exchange rate and offer conversions.
exists.rex Return 1 if file or directory exists, 0 otherwise
geturl.rex Retrieve the data associated with a URL (e.g., a web page). †
ini.rex Get or set a value in an .ini file (subset of the SysIni system function). †
ll2utm.rex Convert Latitude and Longitude to Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM) » coordinates. †
mergedirs.rex Synchronise, merge, copy, or clone directories (only files that appear to have changed are copied); see also zerofile.rex. †
pound.rex Get exchange rates for GBP from the European Central Bank (easily modified for other currencies).
qtime.rex Display the time in real English. †
thex.rex Hex-dump a file to screen or to a file. †
toDPD.rex Convert a number to canonical IEEE 754 decimal-encoding. †
Publish current directory to an FTP-driven web server †
(Sample ‘stub’ command for using webPublish.rex)
WebServer.rex A minimal single-thread HTTP server in Rexx. †
windchill.rex Calculate wind chill temperature.
younger.rex Test whether a stream (file) is newer than another. †
zerofile.rex Mark a file for later deletion by mergedirs.rex. †

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