Sample page

This page shows some of the formatting options available using MemoWiki markup.

Here is a heading

Here we—may—have ems and 1–3 ens. And it’s nice to have real text ‘quotes’, and “quotes”. Also italics, bold, and monospace. And some → arrows ←, ↔, here. Super- and sub-scripts: 109, i3.

Next a local link: MemoWiki. Now for some Web links: IBM page », », and a WikiPedia link: Llanes » (or with alternative text: The town of Llanes »).

A lower-level heading

Special symbols: [ etc. etc. e.g. e.g. q.v. q.v. i.e. i.e. cf. cf. ′  ″ ¡ ¿ _ ]. And sample accents: á à â ä ã (acute, grave, circ, uml, tilde), manaña.

Simple lists (nested):

And a table...
TP-comparisons TP-segment results on War of the Worlds
Markup TP-segment results on bupada data

And an image:

In the Picos de Europa

In the Picos de Europa

Here endeth the sample page.

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