References are pages which contain the information pertaining to works such as papers, articles, books, etc.

The names of references contain only alphanumeric characters, ending in a 4-digit year (e.g., ‘smith1998’). When there is more than one reference of the same name and year a single lowercase letter should be appended to the name to distinguish between them (e.g., ‘smith1998b’).

In addition to the usual title/author/publication type of information, suitable for generating HTML, XML or SGML, each reference file can hold other information, including:

To link to a reference from a Wiki page use, for example, [cowlis2003], which will appear in the text like this: [cowlis2003]. If a description is added, the square brackets will be omitted, as is usual in MemoWiki pages, thus: Here is a sample reference.

References use a simple plain-text markup, with some special tags identified (such as abstract). Here is the markup used for the [cowlis2003] reference.

In references, Wiki inline markup can be used only in the content of abstracts, notes, and comments.

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