Reference Markup

This is a summary of the markup for References—please ask for it to be expanded if unclear.
Here is a sample reference and the markup used for it.

The references markup was changed in January 2010 to conform to MemoTrove syntax (i.e., using square brackets); older refernce files may use ‘angle brackets’ markup, with the same names, etc.

General rules

Major tags

All references must have:

   [itemtype]reference -- MemoTrove type; must be first tag in the
                          reference; content must be the word 'reference'
   [nick]nickname      -- recommended to be surname or abbreviation of
                          surname, plus 4-digit year; suffix a, b, etc. if
                          more than one in a year
   [type]reference type, one of:
           paper       -- refereed or reputable
           perscomm    -- personal communication
           www         -- World Wide Web document (must have [url])
   [cat]abc            -- categories (topic-chosen) to which this
                          reference belongs.  Categories are single letters,
                          and a topic can use up to 26 (or just one).
   [title]title        -- formal title of document
   [author]name        -- in either 'surname, firstnames' or 'firstnames
                          surname' format
   [date]year          -- (may give more detail)

Optional tags for additional reference information:

   [in]title           -- in-book or in-journal (needed for a paper, chapter,
                          or article)
   [pp]pages           -- page count n (book, etc.) or page range m-n (for
                          an article, chapter, paper)
   [URL]http:...       -- if any relevant web page/document
   [abstract]          -- if available
   [note]note          -- a note ('previously published as...', etc.); added
                          to abstract
   [source]source      -- name of the person who provided or wrote this

Subjective/local information (also optional):

   [file]              -- local filename in ..\files; must start with
                          'nickname-' (nickname from the [nick] tag)
   [proof]1            -- 1 if proofread or 0 if not, 0 assumed
   [comment]           -- description of key results/reason for interest
   [has]               -- (deprecated) as [comment] except Wiki markup
                          not processed
   [keys]              -- additional keywords not in [comment]
   [other]content      -- other information, never added to generated HTML

Reference Markup was last edited on 2010-02-15  
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