MemoWiki comprises a web server (a Linux or Windows version of GoServe) and a collection of Rexx programs which effect the various actions that the client can ask for (view a page, edit a page, show the page history, etc.). Please note that these programs are only available within IBM at present sorry.
The MemoWiki package is distributed as a Zip file which contains the following directories:
\memowiki contains the ReadMe and simple .bat files for starting MemoWiki
\memowiki\_server contains the MemoWiki software (no data are held here)
\memowiki\MemoWiki contains a static snapshot of the MemoWiki User’s Guide and Help files (unlike normal topics, you cannot edit these pages)

The memowiki directory will contain all the topics for a given MemoWiki installation, each in its own directory.

Unzip the distribution file (perhaps at C:\, or at D:\ if you have multiple partitions), and then to run MemoWiki:

  1. Install Object Rexx if not already installed (ooRexx 4.0.1 », or later, is recommended).

  2. Start the server by running StartMemoWiki.bat (in the memowiki top directory). If requested (under Windows) unblock the server.

    (This should start the server minimised, with a ‘tree’ icon showing in the System tray – you can click on the icon to restore the server’s main window to view server activity.)

  3. Run MemoWiki.bat to browse the wiki using Internet Explorer. (Or use the address in any browser.)

You should first see a list of current topics; it’s suggested that you first browse the User’s Guide (click on the MemoWiki documentation snapshot link). Then you’ll probably want to use the ‘Add Topic’ button to add a topic, perhaps called Test, to experiment with.

If it all works, in Windows you might want to put a shortcut to StartMemoWiki.bat in your startup folder, and a shortcut to MemoWiki.bat on your desktop. There’s a MemoWiki.ico in the memowiki directory to use to decorate the latter; use Run Minimized to prevent a command line window showing briefly when the shortcut is used.

Running MemoWiki on the Internet

To run MemoWiki on the Internet you need a server with a permanent connection to the Internet and a fixed IP (Internet Protocol) address. This can usually be achieved using a broadband connection (fixed IP addresses usually cost more than dynamically-allocated ones, however).

It is strongly recommended that you:

Running MemoWiki on the Internet from within a home LAN

If you are connected to the Internet using a broadband router (or equivalent), the server will have a different local address than its ‘real’ address as seen on the internet, because the Router carries out Network Address Translation (this makes all the computers on the home LAN appear to be just one computer to the Internet).

In this situation you will normally need to take the following steps for the MemoWiki server to be visible on the internet:

  1. Assign the server running MemoWiki a static address on the home LAN.

    On Windows XP, this is done using Control Panel → Network connections → LAN Ethernet properties → TCP/IP properties. Set the TCP/IP address to (for example), the Subnet Mask to, and the default gateway and DNS addresses to (for example), where the latter is the address of the router.

  2. Set up the router to pass the connection through to the server.

    The procedure for this will vary with the router. For example, set up a ‘Virtual Server’ with parameters:
      Name: MemoWiki
      Private IP address:
      Port: 8087 (x2)
      Available: always
    Some routers may need to be reset or restarted after this change.

  3. Change the MemoWiki startup to include the ‘real name’ of the server.

    The server’s address when running normally will be (for example), however its name on the Internet will appear to be your ‘external’ address. MemoWiki needs to know that external address, and it cannot easily be determined automatically. To tell MemoWiki what that name is, add the parameter alias followed by the external name to the GoServeG startup command (usually in StartMemoWiki.bat). This might then read (all on one line):

     start /MIN "GoServeG" goserveg.exe http %1 %2
       filter memowiki.rex datadir "%~d0%~p0"
       port 8087 reuse  alias

    (Incidentally, you can also change the port from 8087 to something else in that same command.)

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