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These web pages collect together information on the Sirocco Microlight, a single-seat ultralight aircraft which has a pusher propeller, tricycle undercarriage, and 3-axis flight controls.

Originally produced in France and then Belgium, today the Sirocco design is owned by Aero Consult Light Aircraft » (ACLA) in the Netherlands, which re-launched the design as the Sirocco NG. The prototype aircraft, G-ROCO, has now been modified and flown with twin turbine engines, and another Sirocco NG had its first flight in March 2012.

Past and present partners include:

Here you will find:

  • A brief history of the aircraft, including some of the awards it has won.

  • A list of articles, a book, and other references to the aircraft (many of which you can download from this page).

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Many thanks to the following people who have provided, have helped locate, or have given permission to use some of the information compiled here:

Timm Bogenhagen (EAA), Norman Burr, Evert-Jan Cornet (ACLA), Paul Hendry-Smith (TLAC), Jens Hicken (ParaZoom), Bob Perrin (BMAA), Dave Smith, Mike Smith (Newark Air Museum), Dave Stephens (Sirocket), Donald Walker.

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