RexxLang Book List for
Rexx, Object Rexx, and NetRexx

This is a list of published (i.e., generally available) books, manuals, and papers from scientific journals that are closely associated with the Rexx language or one of its implementations or derivatives.

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This list is in three parts, each ordered roughly chronologically by first edition:

  1. General published books and manuals
  2. Papers
  3. IBM Manuals, etc., with IBM order numbers
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General Books and Manuals

  Modern Programming Using REXX -- Robert P. O'Hara and David R. Gomberg
      In English:   ISBN 0-13-597311-2   Prentice-Hall, 1985
                    ISBN 0-13-579329-5     (Second edition), 1988
      (From REXXPress,

  The REXX Language -- M. F. Cowlishaw
      In English:   ISBN 0-13-780735-X   Prentice-Hall, 1985
                    ISBN 0-13-780651-5     (Second edition), 1990
      In German:    ISBN 3-446-15195-8   Carl Hanser Verlag, 1988
                    ISBN 0-13-780784-8   P-H International, 1988
      In Japanese:  ISBN 4-7649-0136-6   Kindai-kagaku-sha, 1988

  Personal REXX User's Guide (PC-DOS and OS/2 REXX) version 2.0
      Mansfield Software Group, Inc., 1985-1990

  ARexx User's Reference Manual (The REXX Language for the Amiga)
      William S. Hawes, 1987

  uniREXX Reference Manual (REXX for a variety of Unix systems)
      The Workstation Group, 1990

  Proceedings of the REXX Symposium for Developers and Users
      SLAC Report-368, 235pp, June 11, 1990

  REXX In the TSO Environment -- Gabriel F. Gargiulo
      ISBN 0-89435-354-3, QED Information Systems Inc.,
      Order #CC3543;  320pp, 1990
    Revised edition:
      ISBN 0-89435-418-3, QED Information Systems Inc.,
      471pp, 1993

  Practical Usage of REXX -- Anthony S. Rudd
      ISBN 0-13-682790-X, Ellis Horwood (Simon & Schuster), 1990

  Personal REXX User's Guide (PC-DOS and OS/2 REXX) version 3.0
      Quercus Systems, 268pp, 1991

  Portable/REXX for MS/DOS (Guide, Reference manual, Examples Reference,
      Reference Summary, and Learning to Program with Portable/REXX)
  REXX/Windows (Product Guide and Reference)
      Keith Watts, Kilowatt Software, 1991

  Proceedings of the REXX Symposium for Developers and Users
      SLAC Report-379, 244pp, May 8-9, 1991

  Using ARexx on the Amiga -- Chris Zamara and Nick Sullivan
      ISBN 1-55755-114-6, 424pp+diskette, Abacus, 1991

  The REXX Handbook -- Edited by Gabe Goldberg and Phil Smith III
      ISBN 0-07-023682-8, 672pp, McGraw Hill, 1991

  Amiga Programmer's Guide to ARexx -- Eric Giguere
      Commodore-Amiga, Inc., 1991

  Programming in REXX -- Charles Daney
      ISBN 0-07-015305-1, 300pp, McGraw Hill, 1992

  Proceedings of the REXX Symposium for Developers and Users
      SLAC Report-401, 401pp, May 3-5, 1992

  The ARexx Cookbook -- Merrill Callaway
      ISBN 0-9632773-0-8, 221pp, Whitestone, 1992
      (Companion diskette: ISBN 0-9632773-1-6)

  Command Language Cookbook -- Hallett German
      ISBN 0-442-00801-5, 352pp, Van Nostrand Reinhold, 1992

  Personal REXX User's Guide, Version 3.0 -- OS/2 Supplement
      Quercus Systems, 94pp, 1992

  REXX--Advanced Techniques for Programmers -- Peter C. Kiesel
      ISBN 0-07-034600-3, 239pp, McGraw Hill, 1993

  REXX Tools and Techniques -- Barry K. Nirmal
      ISBN 0-89435-417-5, 264pp, QED, 1993

  VisPro/REXX (Visual programming with REXX)
      Hockware Inc, 196pp, 1993

  REXX in der Praxis -- Peter Kees
      ISBN 3-486-22666-5, 279pp, Oldenbourg, 1993

  VX-Rexx for OS/2 (Programmer's Guide and Reference) 2.0
      ISBN 1-55094-074-0 Watcom International Corp., 724pp, 1993

  REXX Reference Summary Handbook (OS/2) -- Dick Goran
      ISBN 0-9639854-0-X C F S Nevada, Inc, 102pp, 1993.
      ISBN 0-9639854-1-8 (second edition), 148pp, 1994.
      ISBN 0-9639854-2-6 (third edition, for Warp), 208pp, 1995.
      ISBN 0-9639854-3-4 (fourth edition, for Warp 4), 270pp, 1997.

  OS/2 2.1 REXX Handbook: Basics, Applications, and Tips -- Hallett German
      ISBN 0442-01734-0, 459pp, Van Nostrand Reinhold, 1993

  Proceedings of the REXX Symposium for Developers and Users
      SLAC Report-422, 247pp, May 18-20, 1993

  Mastering OS/2 REXX -- Gabriel F. Gargiulo
      ISBN 0-471-51901-4, 417pp, Wiley-QED, 1994

  Application Development Using OS/2 REXX -- Anthony S. Rudd
      ISBN 0-471-60691-X, 416pp, Wiley-QED, 1994

  Writing VX-Rexx Programs -- Ronny Richardson
      ISBN 0-07911-911-5, 336pp+CD-ROM, McGraw-Hill, 1994

  Teach Yourself REXX in 21 Days -- William F. Schindler & Esther Schindler
      ISBN 0-672-30529-1, 527pp, SAMS, 1994

  Writing OS/2 REXX Programs -- Ronny Richardson
      ISBN 0-07052-372-X, 390pp, McGraw-Hill, 1994

  REXX Procedursprak--hur du programmerar din PC med OS/2 -- Bengt Kynning
      ISBN 91-44-48541-7, 300pp, Studentlitteratur (Sweden), 1994

  The REXX Cookbook -- Merrill Callaway
      ISBN 0-9632773-4-0, 319pp, Whitestone, 1995
      ISBN 0-9632773-5-9  The REXX files (Companion disk)

  Yasashii Rexx Nyumon (Introduction to Easy Rexx) -- Fumito Yamada
      ISBN 4-88648-434-4, Tokyo: Daiwa Art/Di Art, diskette, 1995

  ISPF/REXX Development for Experienced Programmers -- Lou Marco
      ISBN 1-878956-50-7, 201pp, diskette, CBM Books, Ft. Washington, PA, 1995

  REXX ni Yoru OS/2 Nyumon (Introduction to OS/2 via REXX) -- Naohiko Yamashita
      ISBN 4-7898-3562-6  Tokyo: CQ Shuppan, 1996

  REXX Jiyu Jizai (Handy with REXX) -- Takanori Seki
      ISBN 4-7819-0810-1  Tokyo: Science-sha, 1996

  Object REXX by Example -- Gwen L. Veneskey et al.
      ISBN 0-9652329-0-5, 331pp+disk, Aviar Inc. (+1-412-488-9730), 1996

  Practical Usage of MVS REXX -- Anthony S. Rudd
      ISBN 3-540-19952-7, 310pp, Springer-Verlag, 1996

  Object REXX for OS/2 Warp: Rexx Bytes Objects Now -- Trevor Turton et al.
      ISBN 0-13-273467-2, 320pp+disk, Prentice-Hall, 1997

  Das REXX Lexikon -- Gerd Leibrock
      ISBN 3-486-23672-5, 598pp, Oldenbourg Verlag, 1997

  The NetRexx Language -- M. F. Cowlishaw
      ISBN 0-13-806332-X, 197pp, Prentice-Hall, 1997

  Object Oriented Programming with REXX -- Tom Ender
      ISBN 0-471-11844-3, 253 pp, Wiley Computer Publishing, diskette, 1997

  Object REXX for Windows NT and Windows 95 -- Ueli Wahli et al
      ISBN 0-13-858028-6, 490pp+disk, Prentice-Hall, 1997

  REXX OS/2, TSO and CMS Features Quick Reference -- Gabe Gargiulo
      MVS Training, Inc., 1999 (

  Down to Earth REXX -- William F. (Bill) Schindler
      ISBN 0-9677590-0-5, 507pp, Perfect Niche Software, 2000

  Practical Usage of TSO REXX -- Anthony S. Rudd
      ISBN 1-85233-261-1, 324pp, Springer-Verlag, 2000

| Rexx Programmer's Reference -- Howard Fosdick
      ISBN 0-7645-7996-7, 686pp, Wiley Publishing, 2005

| Introduction to Rexx and ooRexx -- From Rexx to Open Object Rexx
      (ooRexx) -- Flatscher, R. G (
      Facultas, WU Vienna, 2013 (


  The Design of the Restructured Extended Executor Language -- M. F. Cowlishaw
      in IBM at Hursley -- The First 25 Years -- A Festschrift
      TR12.223, October 1983, 18pp.

  The Design of the REXX Language -- M. F. Cowlishaw
      IBM Systems Journal, Vol 23, No. 4, 1984, pp326-335
      Offprints can be ordered from IBM, number:  G321-5228

  REXX on TSO/E -- G. E. Hoernes
      IBM Systems Journal, Vol 28, No. 2, 1989, pp274-293
      Offprints can be ordered from IBM, number:  G321-5359

  Partial Compilation of REXX -- R. Y. Pinter, P. Vortman, and Z. Weiss
      IBM Systems Journal, Vol 30, No. 3, 1991, pp312-321
      Offprints can be ordered from IBM, number:  G321-5437

  The programming language standards scene, ten years on.
      Paper 20: Rexx -- Brian Marks
      Computer Standards & Interfaces 16, 1994 (Elsevier), pp555-557

  The Early History of REXX -- Mike Cowlishaw
      IEEE Annals of the History of Computing (ISSN 1058-6180)
      Vol 16, No. 4, Winter 1994, pp15-24

  NetRexx -- an alternative for writing Java classes -- Mike Cowlishaw
      Proceedings of IEEE CompCon 97,
      ISBN 0-8186-7804-6, pp200-205, IEEE Press, Los Alamitos, Spring 1997

| A Syllabus for Introducing MBA Students to Procedural and Object-
|     oriented Programming (Object Rexx) -- Rony G. Flatscher
|     Proceedings of the Association for Information Systems, Americas
|     Conference, Milwaukee, August 13-15, 1999.

Books and IBM Manuals, orderable or downloadable from IBM

These should be available through usual IBM channels, such as your local IBM Branch Office, or on

Cross-system books

  ZB35-5100  The REXX Language, 2nd Ed. -- Cowlishaw (see below)
  SC26-4358  SAA CPI: Procedures Language Reference (Level 1)
  SC24-5549  SAA CPI: REXX Level 2 Reference
  G511-1430  IBM REXX Compiler and Library/370:
                Introducing the Next Step in REXX 
  SH19-8160  REXX/370 (Compiler and Library/370):
                User's Guide and Reference        
  SK2T1402   REXX/370 Compiler and Library V1R2.0 Online Product Library
  LY19-6264  IBM REXX Compiler and Library/370:
                Diagnosis Guide                   
  SB20-0020  The REXX Handbook -- Ed. Goldberg & Smith (see below)
| SR23-8926  The NetRexx Language -- M. F. Cowlishaw
| SG24-2216  Creating Java Applications Using NetRexx -- U. Wahli et al

System-specific books, grouped by system

  SC24-5239  VM/SP: System Product Interpreter Reference
  SC24-5238  VM/SP: System Product Interpreter User's Guide
  SX24-5126  VM/SP: System Product Interpreter Reference Summary
  SB09-1326  VM/SP: System Product Interpreter Reference (Chinese)
  SB09-1325  VM/SP: System Product Interpreter User's Guide (Chinese)
  GG22-9361  The System Product Interpreter (REXX) Examples and
             Techniques -- Brodock
  SC12-1599  VM/SP: System Product Interpreter Handbuch
             (German: SC24-5239, July 1984)
  SC24-5357  VM/IS: Writing Simple Programs with REXX
  SC23-0374  VM/XA: System Product Interpreter Reference
  SC23-0375  VM/XA: System Product Interpreter User's Guide
  GH19-8118  CMS REXX Compiler General Information
  SH19-8120  CMS REXX Compiler User's Guide & Reference
  LY19-6262  CMS REXX Compiler Diagnosis Guide
  LN19-9048  CMS REXX Compiler Diagnosis Guide TNL
  SH19-8146  CMS REXX Compiler User's Guide and Reference - Supplement
  GC24-5406  VM/SP: Program Update Info. -- REXX Language Enhancements
  LYC0-9075  VM/ESA: V1: REXX/370 LISTING
  SC24-5598  VM/ESA: R2: REXX/VM Primer
  SC24-5465  VM/ESA: R2.2: REXX/VM User's Guide
  SC24-5466  VM/ESA: R2.2: REXX/VM Reference
  ST00-8323  VM/ESA: R2.2: REXX/VM Reference Summary (SX24-5251)
  GC24-5607  VM/ESA: R2.2: REXX/EXEC Migration Tool
  SG24-2542  VM/ESA GUI Facility Developer's Guide; REXX and C++ GUI

  SC28-1882  TSO/E V2R1.1 REXX User's Guide
  SC28-1883  TSO/E Version 2 REXX/MVS Reference
  SC23-3803  Using REXX to Access OpenEdition MVS Services
| SC31-8231  TME 10 NetView for OS/390 V1R2 Customization: Using REXX
| SC28-1905  OS/390 Using REXX and OS/390 UNIX System Services
| SC28-1975  OS/390 V2R10.0 TSO/E REXX Reference
| SC28-1974  OS/390 V2R9.0-R10.0 TSO/E REXX User's Guide

  S01F-0271  OS/2 Version 1.3 Procedures Language 2/REXX Reference
  S01F-0272  OS/2 Version 1.3 Procedures Language 2/REXX User's Guide
  S10G-6268  OS/2 (Version 2.0) Procedures Language 2/REXX Reference
  S10G-6269  OS/2 (Version 2.0) Procedures Language 2/REXX User's Guide
  SR28-5250  OS/2 (Version 2.1) REXX Handbook
  GG24-4199  OS/2 REXX: From Bark to Byte (Redbook)
  SR28-5884  The REXX Cookbook -- Merrill Callaway
| S246-0078  REXX Reference Summary Handbook -- Dick Goran
| SG24-4586  Object REXX for OS/2 (Turton et al)

  SC24-5512  AS/400 Procedures Language 400/REXX Reference
  SC24-5513  AS/400 Procedures Language 400/REXX Programmer's Guide
  SC24-5552  AS/400 Procedures Language 400/REXX Reference, Version 2
  SC24-5553  AS/400 Procedures Language 400/REXX Programmer's Guide, V 2
  SBOF-6819  OS/400: REXX/400 Support

  SC33-6528  VSE/ESA: REXX/VSE User's Guide
  SC33-6529  VSE/ESA: REXX/VSE Reference
  LY33-9144  VSE/ESA: REXX/VSE Diagnosis Reference
  GC33-6533  VSE/ESA: REXX/VSE Licensed Program Specifications
  SK2T-0063  VSE/ESA: REXX/VSE V1R1 Online Product Library
  SC33-6642  VSE/ESA: VSE/REXX Reference (VSE Central functions)

  SC24-5708  AIX/6000: AIX REXX/6000 Reference

  SH24-5286  IBM REXX for Netware Reference Guide

  SH21-0482  REXX Development System for CICS/ESA and REXX Runtime
             Facility for CICS/ESA Guide and Reference

| S83G-9228  PC DOS 7: REXX User's Guide and Reference

| SG24-4825  Object REXX for Windows NT/95 (Ueli Wahli et al)

Applications and other REXX-related books

  GG24-1615  Using REXX in Practice: EXEC2 to REXX Conversion Experiences
  GG24-3401  REXX/EXEC Migration To VM/XA SP
  SC33-0478  GDDM REXX Guide
  SR21-0864  SRA VM Using the CMS System Product Interpreter
  SH20-7051  VM/SP System Product Interpreter: SQL/Data System
             Interface: Program Description/Operations Manual
  GG66-3144  NetView Release 3: REXX Presentation Guide -- Gibbons
             & Quigley
  SC31-6135  NetView Customization -- Writing Command Lists
  GG66-3158  CMS Pipelines Tutorial -- Hartmann, Kraines, and Lynn
  GR28-2920  CUA 2001 VM Applications Core Functions Programmer's
             Reference Guide (CUA support for VM REXX applications)
  SC23-3803  Using REXX to Access OpenEdition MVS Services
| SC23-3501  OS/390 Internet BonusPak II: Web Programming

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