REXX for AIX/6000

19 Oct 1993
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New AISPO Product - IBM AIX REXX/6000             5764-057
Additional ordering information:                  RPQ Number P04285

Posting Date:10/19/93
General Availability: 12/15/93
Geographic Availability: US and World Trade
Price: $200.00 One-Time Charge

Have you ever wanted to:
 write a REXX exec on AIX?
 migrate a VM REXX application to AIX?
 rightsize an OS/2 REXX application to AIX?
Now you can!
AIX REXX/6000 is the implementation of IBM's SAA REXX language on AIX.
REXX is a highly readable and easy-to-use language that allows programs
to be written in a clear and structured manner.  Programmers who are
familiar with REXX on VM, MVS, OS/2, OS/400, or VSE will now be able to
use those skills on AIX.  AIX users who are new to REXX will benefit
from its ease of use, natural syntax, built-in features, and
scripting (or macro) capabilities.
REXX is a powerful language, available on most major operating systems,
that is currently being standardized by ANSI to meet our customers'
need for open computing environments.

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   Product Sponsor Contact:
       Reiner Busch
       IBM Germany
       German Software Development Laboratory
       T/L 0049-7031-16-6677
       BSC at SDFVM1
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