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Formats for specifying degrees

A coordinate in degrees, as used in the Viewpoint dialog, may be specified in degree°minutes'seconds" format, or in degree.decimal format.

If the degree value is specifying a latitude or longitude, then it may be followed by one of the characters N, S, E, W (in either case), as appropriate. The default is N (North) for latitude and E (East) for longitude. A leading minus sign is allowed in either format, and negates the direction implied by any N, E, S, or W. A leading plus sign is also allowed; it has no effect.

No blanks are allowed; the seconds, or seconds and minutes, may be omitted, as may insignificant leading zeros (and trailing degrees, minutes, or seconds indicators). The syntax is therefore one of:

where the degree indicator in the first format may be either the letter O (either case) or the true degree character (°, decimal 178 in Unicode and on Palm OS devices).[1] 

Examples (all specifying a negative angle of 12 degrees 30 minutes):

  12°30'S       -12°30         12°30W        -12.5
  12°30'0"S     -12°30'00N    -12.500E        12o30s

[1] The Graffiti strokes for the degree character are Extended Shift (backslash drawn from top left) followed by an O drawn clockwise from the lowest point.

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