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Pages, references, and data items are generally displayed using a ‘View’ page. This has the name of the page at top left, and a panel of buttons and a text box at top right. This panel gives immediate access to the most common actions for a page, including:

 History show the date and time of all versions of this page; if there are earlier versions, these can be viewed, optionally used to replace the current page, or deleted
 Home go to the home page for the current topic (the page with the same name as the topic)
 Pages shows a compact listing (index) of the pages, references, and files in the current topic
 Topics shows a list of available topics (click on any one to move to it)
 Help displays this help page
 Edit edits the page
 Recent displays recent changes to the topic
 [....] (text box) enter a string to search for, here
 more... display a full list of actions available.

For convenience, at the bottom right of the page are further Edit and more... buttons (which work exactly like the ones above). To the left of these buttons the last edit date is shown, together with the name of the topic that the page is in.

If you want to print a page, use the more... button and then select View printable. This will display the page without any buttons which you can then print as usual from your browser. The ‘no button’ page does have a clickable ‘more...’ link, at the top right just above the horizontal line; this is in white so it will not show on any printout.

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