Help for Add File

The Add File page lets you add or replace (upload) a copy of a file to a topic.

Select a file using the Browse button (which should show you a file-selection dialog) or by typing its full path and name into the entry field. Then click the Upload button to upload the file. If you intend to replace an existing file, check the ‘Replace file if it already exists’ checkbox.

The filename must start with an alphanumeric character, and there may be other restrictions on characters on the name depending on which operating system MemoWiki is running. If in doubt, stick to alphanumeric characters, blanks, hyphens, and underscores.

The MemoWiki server may limit the size of uploadable files, in which case your browser may report the error in various ways (such as ‘the web page cannot be displayed’) because the server rejected the data.

Deleting files

Deleting files may cause existing links to those files to fail; if you really want to delete a file, replace it with an empty file (length=0) of the same name.

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