The decNumber Library, version 3.68
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23 Jan 2010
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Appendix B – Changes

This appendix documents changes since the first (internal) release of this document (Draft 1.50, 21 Feb 2001).

Changes in Draft 1.60 (9 July 2001)

Changes in Draft 1.65 (25 September 2001)

Changes in Version 2.00 (4 December 2001)

This is the first public release of this document.

Changes in Version 2.11 (25 March 2002)

Changes in Version 2.12 (23 April 2002)

Changes in Version 2.15 (5 July 2002)

The package has been updated to reflect the changes included in the combined arithmetic specification. These preserve more digits of the coefficient together with extended zero values if extended in the context is 1. Notably:

Changes in Version 2.17 (1 September 2002)

Changes in Version 2.28 (1 November 2002)

Changes in Version 3.04 (22 February 2003)

The major change in decNumber version 3 is the replacement of the decSingle and decDouble formats by the three new formats decimal32, decimal64, and decimal128. These formats are now [June 2008] included in the IEEE-SA 754 standard.

Related and other enhancements include:

Changes in Version 3.09 (23 July 2003)

This version implements some minor changes which track changes agreed by the IEEE 754 revision committee.

Changes in Version 3.12 (1 September 2003)

This version adds a new function and slightly reorganizes the decimalnn modules.

Changes in Version 3.16 (2 October 2003)

Changes in Version 3.19 (21 November 2003)

Changes in Version 3.24 (25 August 2004)

Changes in Version 3.25 (15 June 2005)

Changes in Version 3.32 (12 December 2005)

Changes in Version 3.37 (22 November 2006)

Changes in Version 3.40 (18 April 2007)

This is a major upgrade to decNumber to add logical and shifting functions together with generalizations of most of the new functions required by the IEEE 754 standard.

The changes included in this update are:

Changes in Version 3.41 (7 May 2007)

Changes in Version 3.50 (4 June 2007)

This is a major upgrade to decNumber which adds three new modules (decSingle, decDouble, and decQuad) with 175 new functions. These modules provide functions which work directly with the decimal32, decimal64, and decimal128 formats, to provide high performance when arbitrary-precision calculations are not needed.

In addition to the new modules, the changes included in this update are:

Changes in Version 3.53 (7 September 2007)

This release of decNumber is a code maintenance release; the problems corrected are: New testcases have been added for all the above cases.

Changes in Version 3.56 (12 October 2007)

This release of decNumber is a code maintenance release primarily to widen the applicability of the package. The changes are:

Changes in Version 3.61 (29 July 2008)

This release of decNumber is a code maintenance and performance release. The changes are: 23 March 2009: The document is now formatted using OpenOffice (generated from GML), for improved PDF files with bookmarks, hot links, etc. There are no technical changes.

Changes in Version 3.68 (23 January 2010)

This release of decNumber is primarily a code maintenance release. The changes are:
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