Decimal Arithmetic Encodings
Version 1.01 – 7 Apr 2009
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This document describes decimal encodings (concrete representations) for Decimal Arithmetic. The encodings described here may be used to support the Decimal Arithmetic Specification. The document is also available in PDF (Acrobat) format.

These encodings are the decimal encodings designed by the IEEE 754r committee, as included in IEEE-SA 754 standard approved in June 2008. Earlier versions of this document referred to the encodings as Strawman 4d.

  1. Introduction – purpose of the document
  2. Overview – summary of the formats
  3. Scope – what’s covered by the specification
  4. Specification – the concrete representations
  5. Appendix A – Calculation of Emax and bias
  6. Appendix B – Changes since 2002.11.07

Reproduced with permission from IBM © Copyright 2000, 2009 by International Business Machines Corporation.