ANSI/IEEE 854 – History and Minutes

ANSI/IEEE Std 854-1987 – the IEEE Standard for Radix-Independent Floating-Point Arithmetic was developed primarily in the years 1982 through 1985. The Standard lists thirty-seven contributors, chaired by W. J. Cody. The minutes of the meetings were recorded by Fred Ris, who kindly located the original SCRIPT/GML source files from which the attached PostScript and PDF (Acrobat) files have been generated.

Some of the rationale for parts of the standard may be found in the paper A Proposed Radix- and Word-length-independent Standard for Floating-point Arithmetic by W. J. Cody. et al, in IEEE Micro, August 1984, pp86-100.


Date PostScript PDF
April 1982 854M8204.pdf
August 1982 854M8208.pdf
October 1982 854M8210.pdf
December 1982 854M8212.pdf
April 1983 854M8304.pdf
June 1983 854M8306.pdf
July 1983 854M8307.pdf
January 1984 854M8401.pdf
July 1984 854M8407.pdf
March 1985 854M8503.pdf
April 1985 854M8504.pdf
July 1985 854M8507.pdf