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mbedLED.c – LED device I/O functions

A function to effect an action on, or query, an LED (assumed to be board-mounted).

LED numbering is arbitrary, but if there is one or more board LEDs then one should be accessible as ‘LED 1’.

If there is only the one LED on the board and documentation suggests that it be called ‘LED 0’ then it is recommended that both num=0 and num=1 map to the same LED.
One function
 ledIO   effect an I/O action on a LED

ledIO – effect an I/O action on a LED

int ledIO(int num, uint action);

num – number of the LED (board-defined)

action – one of LED_ON, LED_OFF, LED_INVERT, or LED_QUERY

returns the previous value of the LED (0 or 1), or −1 if num or action is invalid

This maps the board LEDs as follows:

num=1: LED1

num=2: LED2

num=3: LED3

num=4: LED4

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