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mbedDebug.c – debug device I/O functions

The debug functions communicate with the host computer using a serial link.

For mbed, this is the SerialPC link, which is on UART0. Note that on Windows a driver must be installed for this to work. See: http://mbed.org/handbook/SerialPC
 debugGetcIO   get character
 debugInitIO   initialize port for I/O
 debugPutcIO   send character to debug terminal

debugGetcIO – get character

int debugGetcIO(void);

returns character read from host, or −1 if none there

This function does not block.

debugInitIO – initialize port for I/O

void debugInitIO(uint baud);

baud – rate to run debug communications

It is recommended that a ‘standard’ baud rate be used, e.g., 9600 or 115200.

At 9600 about 38 characters can be sent in 40ms (one major tick); at 115200, 460 can be sent.

debugPutcIO – send character to debug terminal

void debugPutcIO(int ch);

ch – character to send

This waits for any previous send to complete.

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