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Update from Terri Dowty
March 2005

In 2002 I decided it was time to retire from three decades of singing and slipped over into working in children’s human rights—a lifelong passion. I’m now policy director of ARCH (Action on Rights for Children) and a consultant to various organisations on children’s rights issues.

I’m also co-writing a book with an education lawyer on children’s education rights at the moment, and doing bits of lecturing at London University.

My sons have grown up ridiculously fast. Where did the time go?
My 16-year-old is doing an Open University course and intends to study law at university once he turns 18, while my 13-year-old can’t imagine life as anything but a musician.

They are both an absolute joy. I’m enjoying their company—not to mention their ability to cook dinner, load washing and feed our houseful of animals!

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