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Update from Anne Bedish
February 2005

Tristan is now 15 and continues with his strong interest in doing things based on the computer and reading in depth on subjects in which an interest has been kindled by the computer. He’s currently becoming quite an expert on Roman military and political history.

Flight Simulator has had Tristan looking up places in an atlas, finding their latitude and longitude, entering them into the program and flying his plane there. He’s been over Mount Everest and over the parts of New Zealand where Lord of the Rings was filmed, and he’s planning to fly over the mountain range in central Italy this week. He’s learning geography this way and goes on the Internet to look up the weather in the places he flies over.

He also uses a great program which came free with our computer, iMovie, to edit digital videos we film together. He’s learning all about editing, special effects, design... everything done on the computer including little film scripts which he types up. We recently got together with another youngster who has AS and they are acting in their little film produced by them with me and the other mum acting and being camera persons.

But his Asperger’s still prevents Tristan doing many things and he is leading a very restricted life. His anxieties have worsened as he progresses through adolescence. This is something we were aware might happen, so we feel relieved that he’s not got the added pressures of being in a school situation, which we know would exacerbate those anxieties.

We’re hopeful that with our support he will weather this period of his life and things will get easier for him when he’s older.

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