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PanGazer lets you annotate 360 views with compass points (‘N’, ‘S’, ‘SW’, etc.) to help give a sense of direction.

Here’s an example of the starter image with compass points added:

Screenshot showing compass points

Screenshot showing compass points

Although drones know where they are and which direction they are pointing when images are captured, as far as I know none record both location and direction in the image data. Therefore, to have compass directions shown correctly (as in the screenshot above) you must identify some point in the image that is due North of the camera position and then communicate that to PanGazer. This is quite easy, even if you are unsure where North is in your panorama.

For example (using the starter image), you can use Browse satellite image to view the camera (drone) position. One point due North of that position is on the road from the church to the larger village (Bejes), about ⅔ of the distance from the church to the first tree beside the road.

In PanGazer, drag the view (up and to the left) so you can see that point, right-click on it, and select Set North on the pop-up menu. You should then see added compass points consistent with those in the screenshot above.

The compass points will then move appropriately as you adjust viewpoint and zoom. You can turn them off by clicking Add compass points in the pop-up menu to uncheck the selection.


  1. If the panorama is a ‘conventional’ panorama where the centre of the image is due North you don’t need to Set North; just select Add compass points from the pop-up menu. North will then be assumed to be at the centre of the source image.
  2. In the starter image you’ll see a white electricity pylon close to the −90 point if you pitch down far enough; that is also a good object to click on to Set North.

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