Help for Search

The MemoWiki search page lets you carry out a simple search through the pages, references, and data items in a topic (other files are not searched).

The search looks for the exact phrase that you enter, except that multiple spaces are treated as a single space and the search is case-independent. Line-ends are treated as spaces.

Each page, reference, or data item in the topic that contains the search string is listed, together with the context of the first occurrence of the string in each page. To see all occurrences of a string in each page, select the ‘Show all matches...’ checkbox (this will be ignored if the search string is not at least three characters).

Click on any page name to view it.

Hint: you can also start a search by entering a search string in the text box in the header of any page.

Help for Search was last edited on 2018-02-23  
Topic: MemoWiki