Help for Publish

This page reports the result of publishing a topic to a FTP server. If a check page URL was specified in the Topic Settings then a link to it is included with the results so it can be easily checked.

If the topic failed to publish, the most likely causes are:

You can check the settings by manually using an FTP command client to login to the server, using a series of entries which might look like this (on Windows):

  Connected to
  220-Welcome to Caver Homepages
  220 FTP server ready.
  User ( fred
  331 Password required for fred.
  Password: ********
  230-User fred logged in.  Access restrictions apply.
  ftp> cd test
  250 CWD command successful.
  ftp> quit
  221 Goodbye.

Here, is the server name, fred is the user name, ******** represents the password typed in, and test is the directory path.

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