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Except as mentioned below, MapGazer is a new application, written since November 2014. It is written in C, and follows the object-like code conventions I developed for the Tollos supervisor.


Special thanks are due to:

  • MyTrails’ author Pierre-Luc Paour, who motivated me to get back into mapping projects.

  • David Law, my geography teacher at school in the 1960s, who inspired my life-long love of maps and mapping.

  • Bill Collis, for many good suggestions and encouragement.

  • Lode Vandevenne – for lodepng, which allowed me to handle PNG-encoded map tiles and write PNG images.

  • The Independent JPEG Group (Thomas G. Lane, Guido Vollbeding, et al) for jpeglib, used for JPG-encoded map tiles.

  • Open Street Map and its contributors, for the ‘Globe’ starter map included with MapGazer.

  • Ruurd-Jan Idenburg, for the South-Sweden sample map, and for several suggestions for enhancements.

  • Charles Petzold – it has been ten years since I wrote a Windows application, and his Programming Windows (5th edition) book proved as useful now as it did back then.

  • The developers of GCC – the compiler used to compile MapGazer.

  • All the people that put together the Win-builds and MingW resources that made it possible to build this application using GCC.

  • The Microsoft, IBM, and other teams who built the Windows and OS/2 APIs that underpin the application.

MapGazer and these web pages were written by Mike Cowlishaw; Please send me any corrections, suggestions, etc.
All content Copyright © Mike Cowlishaw, 2014–2019, except where marked otherwise. All rights reserved. The pages here, and the MapGazer program, are for non-commercial use only. Privacy policy: the Speleotrove website records no personal information and sets no ‘cookies’. However, statistics, etc. might be recorded by the web hosting service.

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