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By right-clicking on a mark (track, route, a route waypoint, a waypoint, or an area) you can select Properties on the pop-up menu to edit its properties. These properties include:

  • The name of the mark (generally a short nickname for it); to change this, just edit the displayed text.

  • The caption of the mark (often a longer text that expands on the name); to change this, edit the displayed text.

  • The colour of the mark, which is displayed in a rectangle; to change it, click the adjacent Pick colour button (this will open a standard ‘colour picker’ dialog – be sure to click its OK button to confirm your selection).

  • The icon for a Waypoint mark or a Route waypoint. For either kind of waypoint an icon or a drawn ‘X’ symbol is displayed; the current rendition will be shown in the properties dialog. To choose a different icon, click the adjacent Pick icon button; see Using icons for more details. Once an icon has been assigned, you can save it (perhaps after changing its colour) by clicking the Save icon button.

  • The link URL of the mark; if a mark has a link URL then the pop-up menu (shown by right-clicking on the mark) will have a Browse ... menu item which will open the URL. In the edit properties dialog you can can edit the URL and/or click the adjacent Test button to check the URL is correct. Deleting the link URL deletes the link. If you enter a link URL with no embedded colon (‘:’) MapGazer will prefix the link with http://.

  • The link text of the mark; this is text that describes the link URL; if specified it will be displayed instead of the URL in the status for the mark.

Once a change has been made, you can click Apply to apply any changes to the mark and see the results while keeping the properties dialog active. Alternatively, OK will apply the changes and close the dialog, whereas Cancel will close the dialog without applying changes that have not already been applied.

The Properties option on a pop-up menu will only be enabled if you have no properties or details dialog already open for the mark. Multiple properties and details dialogs, for different marks, are permitted, however – these can be useful for copying data between marks.

Here is a screenshot of the properties dialog for a Waypoint, showing the various editable fields and buttons:

A Waypoint properties dialog

A Waypoint properties dialog

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