The DFPAL Library, version 2.20
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DFPAL source layout

DFPAL source code is organized into following files.

dfpal.c Main source file; the only C source file.
asmdfp.S POWER6 decimal floating point insturction assembly language code snippets for Linux on Power, for use with GCC compiler on Linux on Power.
dfpal.h DFPAL API specification header file. Applications are required to include this header file into their C source file(s).
dfpalct.h DFPAL context data structure. DFPAL context is persistent data to hold DFPAL runtime state (e.g. exception status, traps, rounding mode etc.). The context data is divided into two parts. A process-wide context (common to all threads) and thread-specific context. This header is not seen by the application.
dfpaltypes.h DFPAL specific data type definitions. This header is used to achieve portability.
ppcdfp.h POWER PC machine instructions for DFP arithmetic. Contains XLC #pragma mc_func macros for in-place instruction expansion. This header is not seen by the application.
asmdfp.h Function prototype decleration corresponding to asmdfp.S snippets. This header is not seen by the application.
dfpstub.h Stub code for POWER PC machine instructions. The stub is used when DFPAL is compiled with no hardware decimal floating point support (using DFPAL_NO_HW_DFP). This header is not seen by the application.
dfpalerr.h DFPAL error codes and error messages. The error codes and error messages are separated to assist national language support (NLS) message catalog.

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